The Principles of my Work


As a studied Business Psychologist, I am bound by the standards and values of my professional group. My focus is on scientifically - ideally empirically - founded concepts.
On-going professional development and peer supervision keep me up-to-date.

Communication on equal footing

We are partners on equal footing - at any time.
Organisational and individual learning need a relaxed work atmosphere, mutual trust and adequate candour. This way, we can achieve amazing results.

Long-term customer relationships – short term interventions

For me, good consulting means value-added services for the customer. My focus is on precise interventions for corporate development, talent management, and individual counselling.

Together with you, I will identify your problem and create efficient solutions for you. This causes short-term consultancy projects, in which the progress is visible to you and the external perspective is regarded as an enrichment and impulse.

Think big – act small

We discuss relationships.
Unusually simple solutions arise from a change of perspective and changing of the reference frame. Your goals will be implemented in small, successful steps. This means that successful repetition creates the possibilities for new neural networks.

Sustainable Human Resources Management

I see myself as a bridge builder in your company - between hierarchy levels, at intersection of procedures and processes, within and between teams - in constant dialogue with the people who work in the structures. 

People-oriented focus of organisational structures

I am committed to a people-oriented focus of organisational structures, processes and the resulting positions.

People-oriented means for me:

  • Enable performance 
  • Foster personality
  • Retain health

My ethical principles

I follow the Ethical guidelines of the BDP (Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen, Professional Association of German Psychologists).

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