One Company. One Strategy. One Talent Management

There are two key questions regarding your talent management system:

  • Is your system focussed on the strategic goals of your company?
  • Is the system throughout the organisation in line with the strategy?

Answering these questions is your key to success.


High quality implementation through sustainable support

In general, a talent management system is implemented by the internal stakeholders: Management and Human Resources Management, however, it needs a lot of patience to ensure all aspects of implementation. Also, external providers e.g. for training, need to be guided and involved.
A prerequisite for success is the good balance of your talent management system - ideally through a Strategic Review. Subsequently, you and I implement the system in line with the strategy.


I assist you when it comes to a sustainable implementation

In the process itself, e.g. by

  • Facilitation of talent reviews
  • Programme management for processes of potential Analysis


Alignment of your employees, for example by the

  • Information Workshop "Talent Management at..."
  • Workshop or individual counselling "Career with..." 

Providing advice and training of managers and HR managers, e.g. through my

  • Leadership Workshop "Talent Management at..."
  • Training "The Executive as a Career Coach"
  • Training "Recognise potential and shape development"