Current Projects

International company, medical technology

  • Team Developing Process for the corporate data protection and IT-security team

International company, tourism

  • Leadership Training in blended-live-online format: Give feedback and critique in a fair but impactful way"

German subsidiary of international company, logistics and bulk handling

  • Change Management of leadership culture and introduction of continuous improvement - methodology
  • Training for operational leaders in communication
  • Team development and Coaching for Management Team
  • Management diagnostics 

International company, aircraft industry

  • Personality development training for management trainees
  • Leadership training: Personnel management, team Motivation

International company, semiconductor industry

  • Executive training: Performance management, communication, knowledge management

Individual Consulting

  • Life Design Coaching
  • Vocational counseling
  • Job coaching 
  • Preparation for assessment centre
  • Executive coaching - Executive board level 

IT company

  • Recruitment of HR professional
  • HR consulting Organisational structure

Personnel Consulting

  • Strengths profiling
  • Job application Coaching

Business Consultancy Technology and Organisation

  • Partner for the business area HR
  • Facilitation of idea workshops
  • Introduction of bottom-up processes (KVP/ Kaizen) in the area of Lean Management
  • Conceptualisation and implementation of training programme for "Team Leader Lean Production"
  • Coaching of Lean Managers and Project leaders
  • Conceptualisation and facilitation of Change Management interventions

International company, medical Engineering

  • Assistance with employee workshops for evaluating the employee survey
  • Team development workshop "Strength-oriented competency management"
  • Off-site workshops of the management team Global Operations